The Foreigner (2016)

Charlie Baker is no ordinary foreigner. Everyone around him in a remote fishing lodge in rural Georgia mistakes him for a stranger from another land who can’t understand them.

The ForeignerPhoto by Sebastien Galina

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About the show

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Following our successes with Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde, Beach House Theatre is stepping into the realm of contemporary theatre with Larry Shue’s popular comedy The Foreigner.

Charlie Baker is no ordinary foreigner. Everyone around him in a remote fishing lodge in rural Georgia mistakes him for a stranger from another land who can’t understand them. This leaves them free to speak of their secret hopes, dreams and even evil plots right in front of him. The truth is, however, that Charlie does speak English, so with patience and determination he works to thwart villains and help his new friends discover who they really are. The Foreigner, which premiered in New York City in 1984, has charmed audiences for over three decades with its simple tale of hope, kindness and the triumphant defeat of intolerance in our midst.


While the shy Charlie Baker stays in a quaint fishing lodge in a remote county of Georgia, USA, he pretends not to speak English in order to avoid having to socialize or talk about his own life's troubles. All around him the residents of the lodge speak freely and end up revealing secrets, thoughts and private ambitions of their own, thinking he can't understand them. An evil plot involving the Ku Klux Klan is revealed, eventually bringing Klan members to the lodge to target Charlie and to hurt him. This script is filled with funny and charming moments, and in the larger scope it is about the desire to welcome people who are 'foreign' to us, to embrace them and learn from them. The script will also make audiences think about the grave and serious threat of racially intolerant characters. While goodness will triumph, audiences need to be prepared to see the reality of the threat in order to feel the joy that comes with defeating the racist characters.

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Show run has ended

Cast & Crew

Candace RadcliffeCo-Director
Rick HarmonCo-Director
Sarah AdamsProduction Manager
Set Designer
Geoff McEvoyTechnical Director
Linda WestonCostume Designer
Lauren KeenAssistant Stage Manager
Abby SwansburgStage Manager
Harry ArmstrongSound Designer / Operator
Sam BirdLighting Designer / Operator
Michelle CollierBetty Meeks
Elliot FigueiraReverend David
Jeff HackerOwen
Dianna HarveyProps Master
Jake HildebrandEllard Sims
Aaron HoltFroggy Lesueur
Rebekah MacEwanCatherine Sims
James WalkerCharlie Baker

Warnings & Notices

Intended audience: All Ages (12+ Coarse Language)

  • Blankets: Are available at the front of house, you may wish to bring your own.
  • Dining: Please consider dining out earlier at one of Crescent Beach's wonderful restaurants.
  • Evening Gates: Gates open at 7:30PM and 7:15PM on Fridays.
  • Parking: Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Seating: is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Seating is supplied.
  • WARNING: Coarse language and Racial themes, Parental Guidance suggested.
  • Weather: Show goes on, rain or shine. Please bring appropriate clothing for this outdoor evening event.

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